Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Well yesterday we had some good news.  The doctor has declared Ron medically fit and he is now to be transferred to either Herts and Essex or St. Margaret's to their Re-Hab Ward.  So this will be the next step in Ron's recovery.  I guess it will depend on where the first available place is.   I don't know very much about either of these places.  I do know that St. Margaret's has been recently built so I guess will be state of the art (they have a pool) but Herts and Essex is also fairly new.  As far as visiting is concerned Stortford would be much easier but I am used to driving to Epping as I worked there for a few years but I am mindful of possible driving difficulties with the bad weather approaching.  I want him to move asap so will not give a preference.

In the gym yesterday the physio sat Ron on a bench which she adjusted until his backside was level with his knees and then asked him to raise his backside off the bench 10 times and he was able to complete this task.  

Ron is still in a 6 bed bay with people who are in much worse condition that he is so his surroundings are a bit grim.  I will speak to doctor/nurse today to see if they have any inkling of when a bed may become available at the Re-Hab places.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


When I visited Ron yesterday he told me that the doctor had been and seen him and he was very pleased with Ron's progress.  Ron said that the doctor said Ron was ready to move to re-hab.  I am not quite sure whether this means another part of Harlow or on to another location.  Either a physio or a OT had paid him a visit and showed him some things to do with his hand and he had been able to make a finger to thumb pill rolling motion, he told me he had also moved his toes.  Unfortunately he is never able to demonstrate these moves again - it must take an enormous effort on his part.

Ron reports that the food is excellent, he had pie for lunch followed by ice cream and Lancashire hotpot for dinner which he said he could have had seconds.  I am pleased that he has got his appetite back as he will need all his strength in the coming weeks/months.

Big news!  Ron had a cup of tea, this is first since the fateful day 3rd November, unfortunately he only managed half of it when his attention was diverted by some happening in the ward, his half drunk cup of tea was taken away with his dinner tray.

I am hoping that Ron will be moved out of his present bay as the other five people in there are in  a much worse condition and it must be a bit depressing for Ron although he remains upbeat and just counts himself lucky not to be like those other poor men.

Parking at PAH is very difficult.  After three tours of the various car parks yesterday I gave up and went to the fire station where Vince, my son in law works.   I will take them some cake today.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


12 Noon Sunday and I have just heard Ron is being transferred to Harlow.  Don't know what time but they have told him late afternoon.  Andrea and I are going to Addenbrookes as usual for 3.00 pm as hospitals are notoriously long winded about arranging transport.  Ron says he can't wait to go to Harlow but we are heading into the unknown!


8.00 am Monday morning and I have just worked out how to attach this pic which started off with Andrea massaging Ron's bad hand and they made a joke that at last Andrea could beat Ron at arm wrestling.

Ron seems happy and settled in his new location.  I have to say the nurses seem very kind and efficient but also welcoming to the family and there seem to be enough of them.  Having said that it is quite a shock after the shiny new building at Addenbrookes to walk through PAH where they have not spent their budget on paint.  Ron was transported in a private ambulance from Peterborough he said it was a bit bumpy (and they told him the result of the Gand Prix).

I was exhausted last night - it was rather stressful wondering what it was going to be like and if we had made the right decision in allowing the move to go ahead (although Ron was keen to move, I think he feels it is a move nearer home).  After a good nights sleep I am back to normal, whatever normal is now.