Friday, 19 December 2014

Taxis sorted


Well Suzanne has found taxis with wheelchair access for Christmas and Boxing Day so that brings a little brighter mood.  

I am still not sure when we will be able to bring Ron home for good as it is all down to equipment and mainly the care package.  I will try not to fix on any particular date - it is too upsetting when it does not happen.   Ron is so brave and although he was obviously devastated not to be home by Christmas, he bore up to it very well.   I can imagine it must be a logistical nightmare getting the carers sorted out especially as we need two carers four times a day.   We have not yet met with the social worker so I don't know yet how much this is going to cost us - quite a bit I imagine.

Taxis are arranged for 11.30 to 5 one day and 12.30 to 5 the second day.  I think this will be long enough for Ron as I imagine it will be very tiring for him.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

oh no!

After all the excitement it now appears we can't have Ron home for Christmas because they can't get the care package in place in time.  They are talking about 2 people 4 times a day so I can see that there are not spare people just waiting for extra work over the holiday but they should not have raised our hopes.  We are now looking at Monday week but I am not even sure about that.  In addition they insist that if Ron is to come home for a few hours over the holiday  that he has to have a wheelchair transport so I think this is going to prove very difficult over the holiday so all in all dam it!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Have to do a big PS as I heard this afternoon that Ron is to come home for good by Christmas.  Not sure of the exact date but will learn more tomorrow when I meet the OT at Graham and Erica's home where we plan to stay for a time when Ron comes home while we assess what we need to do to Burton End.  Very exciting news but a little daunting.  More soon.

Thank you to all my friends from the U3A gardening group and bus pass group for these lovely flowers.  I am sorry that my flower arranging does not really do them justice but I will enjoy them.

No news to report on Ron, he is still able to demonstrate his movement in his leg and I think it is getting easier for him the more he does it.  He is in ward 8 now and seems to have accepted the move.  His two fellow patients are due to move out today so we will wait and see who his new neighbours will be.   I hope that they will be able to converse as I think that makes the time go quicker.

Ron had a chat with a physio about his going home date and she told him that they will keep him there as long as they are able to bring about any improvement and he has accepted that this will be to his advantage.  As he is now able to get from sit to stand and back again and they are practicing the lowering down I hope that his next progress will entail a turn as this will make it much easier at home where we will not have a rotastand.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

I have some exciting news, this evening Ron was able to lift his stretched out left leg in the air and hold it there.  He was then able to put down and pull it back to a right angle position.  He was able to repeat these movements several times.  This was so exciting and emotional we both had tears in our eyes.   This was the biggest movement we have seen so far and is really encouraging.

Still no news about discharge date but have been given the OK to take Ron out on Christmas and Boxng Day.

Friday, 12 December 2014


Nothing to report just more frustration regarding discharge date and information as to whether Ron can come home for a few hours over Christmas.   On Wednesday I spoke to the physio manager about the projected date and she said that she would ask the physios to speak to me the following afternoon during visiting if they were not too busy otherwise I could phone and speak to them and she gave me a direct number - nobody came on Thursday so today I telephoned and was given the usual reply that it is too soon to say when he will be coming home.   The physio told me to speak to the nurses as the doctor had to make the decision about home visits so I phoned the nurse station and I have been given the names of two nurses to speak to today.

Generally Ron is in good spirits, the physios tell him he is doing well in the gym but he is frustrated by his lack of progress.   He does everything that is asked of him including yesterday attending a quiz, men against women (the women won)  Ron and I gave up attending quizzes a few years ago because we can never remember the answers even though we know them but Ron thinks he will get browny points so he does everything.

Fortunately Ron is now eating all his meals so that is one less worry.

Glen and Bradley came to visit yesterday evening.  Ron is very pleased to have so many visitors and boasts that he has more than anyone else.

In answer to queries from friends, I am fine I eat and sleep well and I have mornings to myself, I do feel I am living in a type of limbo and I find the uncertainty very difficult but I have come to the conclusion that I must just give in and go with the flow.

More soon.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


I have not written for a couple of days because there has not been much to report.    Ron is getting stronger and now manages to sit out in a wheelchair all day.  He has not been to the gym since Friday but the OT's have been observing and advising him.  Yesterday for instance he was able to wash his whole body while on the bed, which previously the nurses have been doing.   Ron told me yesterday that he had managed to tap his non-working leg up and down several times and he was going to surprise me when I arrived but unfortunately he could not manage it when I got there but this is an encouraging sign - if you can do it once you can do it again.  Ron now has no trouble using the rotastand to get from bed to chair and chair to loo.

Ron is extremely lucky with the amount of visitors that he has, I think he has more visitors than anyone else.  All the family visit frequently but yesterday afternoon, we had Danny (ex brother-in-law), sister-in-laws Jean and Pat, and then our friends Barbara and Tony came for the last half hour.  Ron really enjoys the visits even though we keep hushing everyone when it gets a bit rowdy.

This morning I phoned the hospital to see if Ron is not out by his projected date of 22nd, whether he will be able to make some home visits over the Christmas Holiday.  The Staff Nurse has said she thinks it highly likely that he will be home for 22nd.  So 13 days to prepare!!   I have had several attempts to speak to someone from the Stroke Association but keep getting directed to the wrong volunteer.   I am now waiting for someone from West Essex to contact me - The Malden area is not for us.   It is possible that there will not be a rep for this area in which case it will be phone call only and I find it difficult to hear some people on the phone and I would really like someone to see what our home is like.

Another good thing is that Ron's fatigue seems to have improved considerably, his anxiety has lessened so all good news today.